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Create new value with the latest payment technologies.

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Digital Identity

Apply strong digital authentication mechanisms and create value with it.

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Embrace the digital business context and enable paperless B2B trade.

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We provide consultancy services that help corporates, collectives, governments and their service providers shape their strategy, co-create new service offerings and transform their operating model.

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Strategise your innovation threats and opportunties.

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Co-create new products and services with partners.

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Accelerate your transformation by applying social media tools.

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We believe digital technologies push us to innovate the way we create value and exchange it. Time and location are no limiting factors any more. 


With our in-depth knowledge, breakthrough thinking and power to realise we empower our customers to shape their strategy, co-create new services and transform the way they work.

Latest publications

Screen Shot 2016 10 27 at 11.41.43 Open Banking Blog 2: Wertschöpfung durch ‘Open APIs’ – „Erfolgreiche API Strategien sind nichts Neues“ This blog forms the second in a series of 7 blogs on 'Open Banking: Understanding the business relevance for banks'. The blog series will outline all relevant aspects with regards to „Open Banking“. This blog...Read more...

Image blog Cost sharing mechanisms to stimulate behaviour in healthcare: are we doing it all wrong? This blog gives further insight and deepening into the different financial incentives in health care and builds towards the question if we should consider different systemsRead more...

Screen Shot 2016 10 18 at 09.10.47 Considering APIs to drive new business? First understand what the techies are talking about Do you as a business person understand the lingo that techies use when they talk about API? It is crucial to understand each other in order to succeed when using APIs to opening up your...Read more...

Screen Shot 2016 10 25 at 21.53.21 Why the PSD2 regulation brings business opportunities for insurance companies Although we know from experience that bringing in new regulations may sound daunting to many insurance companies, they occasionally also bring business opportunities. This blog provides strategic insights on the business opportunities that PSD2 brings...Read more...

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