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Create new value with the latest payment technologies.

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Digital Identity

Apply strong digital authentication mechanisms and create value with it.

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Embrace the digital business context and enable paperless B2B trade.

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We provide consultancy services that help corporates, collectives, governments and their service providers shape their strategy, co-create new service offerings and transform their operating model.


We help our clients to define and plan effective strategies for innovation, create a sound basis for decision making and provide clear direction to their organisation and its ecosystem.

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We help our clients to co-create new digital products effectively, develop their co-creation capabilities and become a platform for open innovation and collaboration.

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We help our clients to set-up and manage innovation programs, realise set ambitions and transform their operating model to be effective in the digital age.

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We believe digital technologies push us to innovate the way we create value and exchange it. Time and location are no limiting factors any more. 


With our in-depth knowledge, breakthrough thinking and power to realise we empower our customers to shape their strategy, co-create new services and transform the way they work.

Latest publications

Pay Interview with Tom Rijks on payments as part of the marketing mix Tom Rijks will speak at Financial Systems 2015 about how to sell more with payments. In this interview Tom explains how payments are an "unloved" part of the marketing mix (Dutch).Read more...

Card Security 642x380 Secure Pay: immediate action required by Internet payment providers On 19 December 2014 European Banking Authority published the ‘Final Guidelines on Internet payment security’. These guidelines cover generic security ‘best practices’ in the area of general control & governance, risk assessment, incident monitoring/reporting, risk...Read more...

Fridge Should my fridge do 3D Secure or become a PISP? Consider the following. It is a bit past 2020 and my fridge notices I have almost ran out of milk. And, thanks to some brilliant innovators, it immediately places an order for some more milk...Read more...

sepa SEPA: Are we ready to reap the benefits? With SEPA, the European payments landscape has been harmonised, which allows (amongst others) pan-european solutions for corporate payments. Such centralised solution would release liquidity currently locked in account structures and offer considerate savings in...Read more...


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