Fostering an innovative environment: a pragmatic guide to embracing innovative CDD technologies while effectively managing the associated risks

  • Josje Fiolet
  • Digital identityOnboardingKYCDigital Transformation

The European Supervision Authorities, supporting new Customer Due Diligence technologies, provided a pragmatic guide for organisations considering how to strike the right balance. By using these guidelines, financial institutions can more easily embrace digital opportunities, and quantify the risks and security aspects of using innovative solutions. This analysis article clarifies the guidelines and provides additional insights and considerations.


How a new kid on the payment block is outclassing other banks

  • Josje Fiolet David Mintjes Jurriaan Wesselink
  • Digital identityOnboardingRetail BankingChallengerBenchmark

Although newer and smaller banks are more agile than their larger, more established competitors, they are being outclassed by a new kid on the payments block. This is one of the interesting conclusions of the latest INNOPAY Onboarding Benchmark.


iSHARE data sharing scheme now available for everyone in the logistics sector

INNOPAY is proud to announce that as of March 2018, all organisations active in the logistics sector can make use of iSHARE. This scheme, or uniform set of agreements, which enables everyone in the sector to share logistics data with everyone else – including with partners further upstream or downstream in the chain – in a simple and controlled way, was launched during the annual conference of the Dutch Top Sector Logistics. The launching customers were also presented to the audience at the event.


'Open Insurance': a new mindset for the Insurance sector

  • Maarten Bakker - Sector Lead Insurance

The Insurance sector evolves at a more leisurely pace than many industries, but according to Maarten Bakker, our INNOPAY Sector Lead Insurance, organisations which are slow to develop open strategies will soon find themselves marginalised.


8 Trends of Cybersecurity

  • Jelger Groenland Rob van der Staaij
  • CybersecurityDutch content

In this year’s first issue of the Dutch CIO Magazine, a print publication of IDG, the world’s leading technology media company, INNOPAY’s Rob van der Staaij and Jelger Groenland give their views on cybersecurity.


Decentralised identity enabled by the data control stack turns GDPR into a competitive advantage

  • Maurits Dewina David Mintjes
  • Digital identityArticleGDPRData SharingOpennessCustomer in Control

A new type of player in the digital identity ecosystem - the consent manager - is enabling customers and organisations to take more control over (identity) data. Relying parties should follow this development with great interest because there are significant benefits gained from joining a data control scheme.


Insurance and the Open Banking wave: seven use cases

  • Maarten Bakker - Sector Lead Insurance
  • InsurancePSD2Open BankingInnovation

We observe that many insurers are currently at best exploring a new wave of Open Banking and risk falling behind. To help accelerate the strategic thinking of insurance companies in this emerging domain INNOPAY has used its expertise in PSD2, GDPR and Open Banking and defined several use cases. In this blog we address several of them and how they create opportunities in risk management, data exploitation and open functionality.


Online customer onboarding is all about personalisation

  • Esther Groen Christian van Ramshorst
  • Digital identityOnboardingCustomer in Control

This blog presents a model (developed with the Shopping Tomorrow 'Digital Identity' experts) that will help organisations to better understand their own context in relation to the behavioural context of their preferred consumers. Enabling to define and deliver on a customer centric digital strategy and onboarding process by putting the customer in control of their identity.


INNOPAY Open Banking Monitor: Who are the Masters in Openness?

  • Mounaim Cortet Art Stevens
  • APIPSD2Open BankingBenchmarkOpennessCustomer in Control

Openness will become the new normal, as new regulations create the push and new technologies provide the enablers. INNOPAY has developed a benchmark comparing developer portals based on the Functional Scope of APIs and the Developer Experience. Developing state-of-the art developer portal capabilities will drive and accelerate your Open Banking strategy, learn from peers and see who is the Master of Openness!


How better collaboration across the Mortgage industry will simplify GDPR compliance and create long-term business opportunities

  • Esther Groen Vincent Jansen
  • GDPRArticle

For many business leaders, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) continues to be a headache. The EU's upgraded data protection rules come into force in May 2018, and many organisations' primary focus is still on ticking the compliance boxes. But we believe GDPR will be a catalyst which opens up data sharing across the Financial sector and enables collaborative-minded companies to offer new services and business models which are more relevant to their customers in the Mortgage industry.