Turning Cybersecurity into a Commercial Benefit

  • Jelger Groenland
  • CybersecurityOpennessCustomer in ControlDigital Transformation

Cybersecurity is a tough business, and it's getting tougher. And if it all goes wrong, the effects on an organisation can be potentially catastrophic. INNOPAY's Jelger Groenland explains some simple steps to mitigate risks, maximise return on security investment and how to turn cybersecurity into a commercial positive for your organisation.


It's about the personal data, stupid

  • Friso Spinhoven Rob van der Staaij
  • GDPRCybersecurity

Organisations are pressuring themselves to prepare for GDPR. They should not forget that in the end it is about securing personal data.


Cryptoware can only be defeated with a wide attack plan

  • Rob van der Staaij
  • Cybersecurity

Cryptoware is on the rise and is here to stay. Organisations need to combat it with an extensive range of controls.


Insider threat poses higher risk than external attacks

  • Rob van der Staaij
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Unlike many organizations think or would like to think, insider risk is prevalent. Insiders are considered responsible for nearly 30 percent of cybercrime breaches.